Deep house

Deep House, apartment in Moscow, Frunze Embankment, a total area of 34 sq.m. Photographer: Sergey Ananiev

«Deep House» fully reflects the essence of the concept — to take a tiny apartment, and great a huge space by using all means of visual expansion and maximising use of all available space. The colours scheme is restrained, based on a combination of gray, black, white and beige shades. With this color scheme the client can specify the interior texture through the finishing materials: glass, ceramic, leather, wood. For added impact a concrete girder, which was cleaned, and left in its original form with traces of fingerprints formwork was added. A multi-level ceiling, which does not touch the walls, equipped with a contour LED lighting was also designed. The installation of suspended furniture made by the designer has allowed to visually increase the volume of a small space.

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